Full-Time Bargaining 2024

Our Mandate

With 91% participation and 94% support, eligible members of the FT Bargaining Unit endorsed our bargaining mandate at the December General Meeting.

In this round of negotiations, we will be bargaining for:

  • A fair compensation package that maintains parity with our UW colleagues and takes account of rising living costs.
  • Better workload balance for tenured & tenure-track members to support research, teaching, and service.
  • Better conditions, recognition, and supports for our full-time Lecturer members (definite term and continuing).
  • Additional Collective Agreement improvements in various areas.


Bargaining Progress

We are currently: Meeting with the Employer

News and Bulletins

We will be posting news and updates on our negotiations here as bargaining progresses.

FT Bargaining has Begun

The ASA Bargaining Team has been meeting with the Employer's representatives this January. With two sessions completed and two sessions scheduled, we are on pace for both parties to have presented their proposals by the middle of next month. I'm pleased to say that...


On Friday, September 8th, full-time and CAS members of the ASA gathered at our annual barbecue to launch full-time bargaining!  We ate and chatted.  We heard from our new president, our bargaining team, and our mobilizing team.  And now we’re all ready to play our...